Create a Microsoft Online shell to manage Office 365

My git setup in Windows

Install SCM Manager in Windows

VNC through a SSH tunnel with Putty

SSH Tunnel from Windows

Apache load balancing with pound and rsync

Lync 2013 Status Updater LastFM

Using IPTABLES to only allow traffic through VPN

Raspi Router

XBMC Library sync with MySQL

Lync 2010 Status Updater LastFM

Ubuntu Set DNS servers in 12.04

Virtualbox Headless Server Ubuntu Server 12.04

Ubuntu Mount Drive by UUID

CentOS Team Speak 3 Server

Windows 7 Import and Export Wireless Profile

vSphere Install VMWare Tools in Ubuntu Server

Windows 7 Reinstall Boot Loader

Convert a Virtualbox VDI to a VMWare VMDK

Remotely manage a MySQL instance


Ubuntu eJabberd server with AD authentication

Linux deduplication with LessFS

Data Description better known as dd

SecuritySurveillance using ZoneMinder

Virtualbox Headless Server

Ubuntu Quick Setup

Replace GnomePanel with AWN

Backup using smbclient

WordPress maintenance no plugin

Retrieve Bookmarks from Chrome sync

Ubuntu Mobloquer Problematic daemon status1

Ubuntu Mount a SMB share via fstab


Android Stream Your Music to Your Phone

Blackberry Loading Hybrid OS

Windows 7 Create System Image

Windows 7 Fix Boot Loader

Ubuntu Replacement NIC

Wordpress Auto Update Fix

Ubuntu smbmount mount error1

FreeNAS Disable ACPI on boot

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