HAOS with a TrueNAS VM

As of writing this is the current state of Home Assistant installation methods. Of course, I want all the check marks.

Xbox Cloud Gaming support on Steam Deck

I broke down and got a Steam Deck. One of the first things I wanted to figure out was cloud gaming. Microsoft has made an official support article on the process to get Xbox Cloud Gaming up and running on a Steam Deck.

NGINX proxy for Docker

I run a few docker containers and self hosted software within my home to do various things. I finally got tired of remembering port numbers and wanted to move to using sub domains.

PXE server using a TrueNAS jail

I wanted to test out Linux as a PXE server for reinstalling OSs on my devices at home. I was tired of messing with USB drives and wanted to be able to PXE boot, choose an OS and go. Nothing about this requires this be in a TrueNAS jail, these steps should work for anything based on FreeBSD. It should work on Linux distros also, even though the TFTP package name may be different.

SFTP Server with chroot

I needed a SFTP server with a few different users who could upload, but not be able to see what the others uploaded. The default installation allows users to move around the filesystem and view most files. This was my setup using CentOS 8.