Ubuntu Replacement NIC

I ran into an issue where I replaced a network card in a computer and the Ubuntu installation would not display the new network card when running the command ifconfig. Running ifconfig would only display the loopback interface ‘lo. I found that the network card had been recognized by Ubuntu but that my interface configuration had not been updated automatically.

To correct this problem I had to perform two steps.
dmesg | grep -i "eth0"

This command let me know that the computer had renamed the new NIC to eth1, instead of the default eth0. After I found the new name for the NIC, I had to update my interface configuration.
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Once I open this file, I need to change any instance of eth0, to eth1. Save the file by hitting ctrl + x, and then confirm by hitting y.

Restart the network service
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

That is it, your new card should now be displayed in ifconfig and have an IP.

Update: This is also a common problem with Ubuntu based VM Appliances. Pre-configured installations of Ubuntu could have this issue if the network card used in the installation is different from the NIC used in your VM software (ex. using a vmware virtual disk in a virtualbox virtual machine).

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