Windows 7 Create System Image

Windows 7 has made it easy for any user to create an image of their workstation. They have a built in tool to do a complete system backup that can be restored at a later time, if needed. System images are one of the best ways to back up your workstation. For most users, this should be the first step they perform when they buy a new system.

To create your system image, follow the directions below:

Select the Start Orb

then Control Panel

then Backup and Restore

now select Create System Image

Place image on a thumb drive or choose “one or more DVDs”

Select the Partition/s (select them all if you are unsure which is which)

Select Start Backup

It will prompt you to create a system repair disc, if you have not done so and do not have the installation media, then do it.

Once you are done, you will have a complete backup of your system that you can restore when needed.”,

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