Ubuntu Set DNS servers in 12.04

After doing clean installs of Ubuntu 12.04 server on my development machine I came across an odd problem on each machine. As I was trying to update the clean installs I kept getting “could not resolve address” error during the ‘apt-get update process. After playing with it for a minute I realized that DNS was not working. I could ping the Google IP, but when I pinged Google by name it would fail.

My fix would have been to update the resolv.conf file, but the first line of that file now states that changes will be overwritten. Well, this is different. Apparently Ubuntu has switched to a set of scripts named resolvconf to handle the resolv.conf file.

Okay, so how do I update my name servers now? Well, it is actually pretty easy.

First, edit /etc/network/interfaces

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Now add dns-nameservers xx.xxx.xxx.xx xx.xxx.xxx.xx under the interface you want the settings to be applied to.


auto lo  
iface lo inet loopback  

auto etho  
iface etho inet static  

There are other ways to accomplish this. I found this article, which describes how to use ‘tail files inresolvconf. This seemed overly complicated compared to using the way described in this article, but using tail files could have some benefit that I do not know about.

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